Craigslist: Safety Tips for Selling Your Stuff

Is it safe to sell your personal items on Craigslist? It is if you follow some safety guidelines to protect yourself. Otherwise, it can be tempting to push all caution aside as you entertain a flood of offers from potential buyers. The thought of making some quick cash may cloud your better judgment. That kind of thinking is an invitation to trouble because a Read more [...]

Irregular income? Developing a Budget for an Irregular Income is Easy!

Budgetting Do you have an Irregular Income? Many people have a hard time budgeting when they are on a fixed income. But one advantage of a fixed income is knowing what to expect. With an irregular income, it may be harder to predict what is coming. Sometimes business is good, and sometimes the money just doesn’t come. While you could simply alternate states of financial Read more [...]

Exciting Summer Tips: Creating Summer Excitement on a Budget!

Summer Do you need some excellent Exciting Summer Tips? In these uncertain economic times if you are on a budget and don't want to go broke, there's a growing trend among many Americans and their families to vacation at home. Commonly called “staycations”, they are wonderful because they are comparatively inexpensive and open up great opportunities to explore your Read more [...]

Massage Therapy: Heal Your Aching and Sore Muscles!

Massage Therapy There’s simply not enough room in a single article to discuss all of the various techniques and benefits of massage therapy. Despite its overall popularity, there are a couple of misunderstandings as to what massage therapy can achieve. Many people seem to think that massage therapy is nothing more than a simple back rub that works the muscles to ease tension.  Read more [...]

Start your Own Business: How To Quit your Day Job to Make Money Today!

Start your Own Business Have you always wanted to start your own business? Countless people have figured out an important career secret—the only way to completely control your destiny is to become your own boss.In no way is it easy to start your own business, but if you feel it’s necessary, this is definitely a step you should look into taking. You’ll have the chance to call Read more [...]

Bahamas Vacation Tips: Travel information and Guide for your Trip

Bahamas Vacation Tips Need some great Bahamas Vacation Tips? With a bit of advance planning, your trip to the Bahamas will be as smooth as Nassau rum. The Bahamas, just 50 miles off Florida, are a Caribbean chain of more than 700 separate islands. Some have the beaches, hotels, casinos and nightlife to make them major tourist magnets, and some have been largely overlooked in spite Read more [...]

Herbs for Stress: TOP 5 Natural Herbs to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Herbs for Stress What are the best Herbs for Stress? Herbal remedies have been used to treat many ailments for centuries. They are grouped into categories and sub-categories. For help with reducing the severity and effects associated with stress, there are three sub-categories: balancing, relaxing, and sedating. Each of the herbs are categorized based on how they work to reduce Read more [...]